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Welcome to the Feature Requests forum. Read the existing posts below, or start your own discussion with all the other members! We are actively developing the forum, so if you have any ideas, as always please do let us know!

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group email or mailshot feature
it would be handy to have the ability to send a group email out to all the people who have already RSVP'ed for things like menus or other info, updates etc....
14th August 2016, 12:59pm
by Tanya+Peter
Menu Choice
Would be great if there was a menu choice feature that could be sent to guests...please...
14th August 2016, 12:56pm
by Tanya+Peter
Sending invites
Can I send out my invites via this site? ...
25th May 2016, 01:34pm
by Kate and Jemma
Hi I thought it was a tad cheeky to put a 'donation' part on the website - but people are asking to donate and how they do it through the website? Is this a feature I've missed at all? We are not h...
3rd May 2016, 09:32am
by Connie-Louise and Cecil Jnr
Search engine problem
Hi everyone So we just published out site and I selected not allowed option for google yo index, not knowing none if our guests could then find the site. A total nitemare and I wish I knew this us wh...
8th April 2016, 09:46pm
by Paul and Donna-Marie
The forum could really use a catering heading please. Users could advise who they have contacted, how much they charged, and review them if they've already had their big day...
5th April 2016, 07:10pm
by Pinak and Elizabeth
Accents in foreign languages ñ ú etc.
We had wanted to use your site but unfortunately your site doesn't accept our venue (with an ñ) or the groom's name (with a ú) and I'm sure there are plenty more accents that people might need to us...
29th March 2016, 06:53pm
by Jesús Manuel and Kate
Hi, Im posting on here because i have sent an email but with it being over easter holidays i don't know if anyone on here will be able to try and help me? We have just started send out our invites ...
28th March 2016, 11:49am
by Shaun,Sarah
Ability to rotate photos with wedding album
We have uploaded our pictures but some need to be rotated. Can you please add a rotate function?...
28th February 2016, 07:23pm
by Kim:Daniel
Ability to Add RSVP received offline and Edit existing RSVP
We have received several rsvp cards from guests who want to do it the old fashioned way ... It would be good for us to be able to add these manually via the control panel (without the need for emails ...
9th February 2016, 07:22pm
by Ollie and Lorraine
Save the Date and Wedding invites
If all guests could be sent e-mail invites from the wedding website meaning that you also had the electronic list with details in one place. This would be fab- otherwise the RSVP button makes little s...
9th February 2016, 07:19pm
by Ollie and Lorraine
Bilingual site
We would like to offer both English and Welsh language sites, so all of our guests can read the details in their first language. Would be really great if you could add this feature in. ...
6th January 2016, 04:34pm
by Pablo and Su
Food Menu
I don't think this is already a thing so apologies if it is, but I think it would be great if there was a feature where invited guests could choose their food option online. Is it possible? Have I mis...
12th December 2015, 03:09pm
by Lucy:simon
Replying to comments/queries
Still fairly new to this website but just noticing on the comments here that there are a lot which don't have replies?? Is admin replying privately or not at all? ...
9th November 2015, 10:42pm
by Gareth^Rachel
Gift list layout!
Hi. My partner and I have been constructing a gift list but when we view it and, for example, something costs £29.99 the number in the quantities column, say 5, is right next to the 9 so it looks li...
4th November 2015, 09:11pm
by Kirsten and Alan
Trying to contact support
Hi Getting married team I logged a support call via email SID_1445421209 on 21st October, chased it for an update via email the following day. requested an update via your facebook page and still ha...
28th October 2015, 09:19am
by GettingMarried.co.uk
Ability for bilingual characters
My fiancé and I are having a bilingual wedding in Portugal. He is Portuguese and I am English. We have delayed sending out the invitations to the Portuguese guests because we wanted to ensure that th...
18th October 2015, 11:38am
by Bruno and Leanne
Mobile App with Picture Uploads
So we're looking at using an app such as Snapable or WedPics on our day. Given that we are already all set up on your own website it would be a really natural extension to have a GettingMarried.co.uk ...
29th September 2015, 10:28am
by Alla and Mark
Setting up stag and hen pages
Does anybody know how too set up the pages on the free site for stag and hen party's or is it for the paid sites only. ...
21st September 2015, 08:11pm
by Christian and Carrie
Mrs & Mrs
Well, it has been a while now since same sex marriage was legalised in the UK. However, all of these websites are aimed towards Mr & Mrs. Yes we can change certain things to make the site personal, b...
18th September 2015, 03:28pm
by Mrs & Mrs
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