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Welcome to the Feature Requests forum. Read the existing posts below, or start your own discussion with all the other members! We are actively developing the forum, so if you have any ideas, as always please do let us know!

Topic Last Post Number of replies
The website doesn't work well on iphones and smart phones. Can there be an iphone and windows phone/ other smart phone app for all the features. This will enable guests to use it more easily. Thanks ...
20th October 2014, 07:47pm
by Jonathan and Mia
A wedding gift list without the gifts
Hi everyone! So Paul and I have been together 10 years, we pretty much have all the kettles and toasters we need! If all our guests brought us a gift we would have nowhere to put them all in our h...
14th October 2014, 07:40pm
by Paul and Kristyn
Adding more than one reception and one wedding location
Some weddings are international and may have two receptions to cater both families abroad and at home as well as certain wedding ceremonies....
12th October 2014, 08:14pm
by Christopher and Natasha Sulin
We do not have menu options for our wedding but do need a place for people to add their dietary requirements please....
2nd October 2014, 12:50am
by Christopher and SamanthaJul15
Duplicate pages
ability to duplicate a page so more than one similar page can be created please...
2nd October 2014, 12:49am
by Christopher and SamanthaJul15
Add photos on any page you want
It would be nice to be able to add more photos and photos on all pages...
23rd September 2014, 05:00pm
by FutureMrsR<3
Like the picture
Hello! We decided to arrange poles for the best pic in the album. That would be so nice to have this "like" feature available!) thanks...
13th September 2014, 09:16am
by Irina and Brian
Tripadvisor reviews
It would be great if there is a way to pull in tripadvisor ratings automatically for each hotel that is on the accomodation site with maybe the top review....
8th September 2014, 04:52pm
by Claire~Robert
embedding YouTube videos
Would be great to add these. At the moment they can successfully be added in the site manager module and show up fine but don't display in the front end of the site....
27th August 2014, 09:19am
Ability to rotate photos with wedding album
We have uploaded our pictures but some need to be rotated. Can you please add a rotate function?...
17th August 2014, 02:32am
by Marlon and Lordine
manage uploaded images
delete and change uploaded images. No such ability at present....
27th July 2014, 10:10pm
by Ahsan and Sana
Guests pay for their rooms via paypal
My guests are paying for their rooms which will be 100 per room. I know there's the feature that allows guests to send money via paypal as a wedding gift but it would be cool if they could send money...
19th July 2014, 09:33pm
by Ashley and Becky
getting guests to pay for accommodation on line
like others this should be a feature. Or at least the option of selecting the type of accommodation that might need so that we can allocate accordingly...
19th July 2014, 09:30pm
by Leopold and Natasha
Options for extra wedding events, leading up tot he big day (e.g. rehearsal dinners, religious ceremonies etc)
I am getting married this year but am having to do a civil ceremony and also an indian wedding, with 4 events leading up to the date which differring numbers of guests are invited to. I'm going to sen...
12th July 2014, 05:09pm
by Kelsie and Jonny
Transport Ferry option
For people who want to travel by ferry...
12th July 2014, 05:05pm
by Kelsie and Jonny
Add Ferry to the transport options
Hi lots of our guests are coming over from Ireland by ferry! Would be useful to have that as a transport option!...
12th July 2014, 05:03pm
by Kelsie and Jonny
mobile phones
The site isn't mobile phone friendly. I'm having difficulty and getting very frustrated trying to upload a photo ...
29th June 2014, 10:51pm
by Chris / Amanda
RSVP form wording
Please can you open up the form to allow the words to be edited. The drop down box for who is replying needs highlighting as many of our guests have not noticed this and put both names in one box - wh...
16th June 2014, 11:41am
by Nick and Sandra
RSVP Manager
Very simply the ability for the wedding organisers to edit a guest's RSVP form. In case of menu changes or they find out last minute they can only make the evening reception. Then when you download ...
9th June 2014, 10:05pm
by Andy and Elizabeth
Charity Donations option on Gift List Centre
We opted to have donations rather than gifts, as we've been together for a long time. We wanted to give people the option to donate to 3 different charities, and we set up event web pages for 2 of th...
9th June 2014, 08:53am
by Chris and Cath
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