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Welcome to the Feature Requests forum. Read the existing posts below, or start your own discussion with all the other members! We are actively developing the forum, so if you have any ideas, as always please do let us know!

Topic Last Post Number of replies
Food Menu
I don't think this is already a thing so apologies if it is, but I think it would be great if there was a feature where invited guests could choose their food option online. Is it possible? Have I mis...
29th September 2015, 04:33pm
by Rebecca~Carl
Mobile App with Picture Uploads
So we're looking at using an app such as Snapable or WedPics on our day. Given that we are already all set up on your own website it would be a really natural extension to have a ...
29th September 2015, 10:28am
by Alla and Mark
Setting up stag and hen pages
Does anybody know how too set up the pages on the free site for stag and hen party's or is it for the paid sites only. ...
21st September 2015, 08:11pm
by Christian and Carrie
Mrs & Mrs
Well, it has been a while now since same sex marriage was legalised in the UK. However, all of these websites are aimed towards Mr & Mrs. Yes we can change certain things to make the site personal, b...
18th September 2015, 03:28pm
by Mrs & Mrs
Pages with Identical Features
Hi, So we have included two pages to our site (Hen night and stag night). I wanted to make this like a blog, just so those who are involved in organising there nights can communicate through the si...
6th September 2015, 08:04pm
by Meera and Rajeev
Ability to rotate photos with wedding album
We have uploaded our pictures but some need to be rotated. Can you please add a rotate function?...
31st August 2015, 08:03pm
by Kim:Daniel
Changing a picture
Hi, how can i change the picture at the top of the website? thanks...
31st August 2015, 05:24pm
by Tom with Amy
unique password request
trying to view the rsvp page but keeps asking for 'unique password'?? i viewed the australian guests no problem but when trying to view the scottish guests its not accepting the only password we have?...
29th August 2015, 10:53pm
by Tim and EmmaNov99
Ability to Add RSVP received offline and Edit existing RSVP
We have received several rsvp cards from guests who want to do it the old fashioned way ... It would be good for us to be able to add these manually via the control panel (without the need for emails ...
25th August 2015, 12:59pm
by Alla and Mark
Option in all themes to hide the 3 boxes on the home page, or at least have the titles unrelated to the menu
As in the title, it's frustrating not being able to hide them, or have completely free text. Changing the titles of the boxes also changes the headers on the menu, which isn't what I'd imagined...
23rd August 2015, 10:41pm
by Samantha+Oliver
Can we remove the book online and guest list features?
Hi - is it possible to remove the booked accommodation features. We have fully blocked out a hotel for our wedding guests so we actively don't want them to book online - how do we delete this? althoug...
13th August 2015, 07:00pm
by Stuart+EmmaJun16
Mobile Friendly
I have just realised your website isn't mobile friendly, are you working on this?...
11th August 2015, 01:12pm
by Rosie:James
Third Venue Please!!
I'm getting married in the UK and abroad; church, reception and abroad hotel and I can only utilise two places, problem is that we're getting married on the UK first! So need to tell people those venu...
31st July 2015, 10:25am
by Suzannah and Damian
Adding Guest List & Table Plan
Please would you be able to have an option to add a Guest Listing so that you can check against the RSVP status. Also adding a diagram of the Table Plan? Thanks...
23rd July 2015, 07:51pm
by corkhopper
Info about Guests Page
As at many other wedding - people will be meeting for the first time. It would be great to have a page where you can show details about the guests who are attending - maybe similar to the Wedding Part...
23rd July 2015, 07:50pm
by corkhopper
embedding Google Forms or Allowing HTML editing
Hi there, I'm in the process of updating our website with a more involved RSVP and wanted to be able to embed a Google Form I've created into the website. Unfortunately, the embed iframe c...
16th June 2015, 10:44pm
by Jennifer and Sebastian
Add photos on any page you want
It would be nice to be able to add more photos and photos on all pages...
27th May 2015, 02:37pm
by Susan & Andrew
Re-ordering Gift List
Would be really handy to be able to re-order the gift list rather than it being semi-random ordering....
21st May 2015, 03:38pm
by Graham:Louise
Upload any document
It would be nice to be able to upload any document - e.g. travel plans, photos, printable brochures, printable versions of the events....
12th April 2015, 12:15pm
by Christian and Zara
Adding more than one reception and one wedding location
Some weddings are international and may have two receptions to cater both families abroad and at home as well as certain wedding ceremonies....
3rd April 2015, 09:33pm
by Robbie and Rhiannon
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