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Beach wedding/UK reception! ;)
hi all fellow brides to be! If you are planning a beach wedding/UK reception for friends back home... please get in touch be nice to know what others are doing!...
16th July 2016, 07:33pm
by Neil and Abigail
Different type of guestbook
Hi, I am not keen on a guestbook that will just end up in the loft, rarely being looked at. I like the idea of something we can hang on the wall, but not signatures around a picture. Does anyone have ...
16th July 2016, 07:29pm
by Neil and Abigail
Billy Idol....
Does anyone know where I can get the traditional wedding march mixed with Billy Idols White Wedding??? i really want this entrance music..... Help please wedding is in 3 weeks!!!! Thanks bu...
21st May 2016, 10:46am
by Pinak and Elizabeth
Harry Potter themed wedding!
Hey, so my fiance and I have our heart set on a Harry Potter theme for our wedding, and were hoping people could give ideas for decorations, flower bouquets, and other little touches? We want to go wi...
19th February 2016, 02:03pm
by Bruno and Leanne
Photo booths for wedding!
My friend’s wedding is on the go and we are planning big. Other than the usual things, we all decided to have something unique or special for her. While discussing, most of them comes with an idea o...
5th January 2016, 10:49am
by Diasy and Peter
What goes with grey ???
Hi, im so confused re my colour scheme.. I have my heart seat on grey (dark platinum colour) as I've seen stunning bridesmaid dresses.. I have 4 adults bridesmaids, 2 teenagers and my 4 year old daugh...
8th September 2015, 08:10am
by Ian and SarahOct16
Theatre theme - centrepiece help please!!
I'm getting married in October and we're having a theatre theme, but I'm at a complete loss for what to do for the table centrepieces. Each table is named after something we're a fan of (Doctor Who, S...
15th August 2015, 03:57am
by Michael^Karen
Outdoors Wedding
I would like to marry in a forest - is there anyway I can do that yet in the UK ?? Thx :)...
5th June 2015, 11:14pm
by Garry and Abigail
Masquerade theme table names
We have a "Masquerade" theme for our wedding next year. With this in mind I'm really struggling to think of table names to go with this. Any help or suggestions would be a great help. ...
15th April 2015, 09:58pm
by Adam and Lucy Jane
pizza chef - in italy
hi, we are getting married in italy this year and wondered if anyone knew of any website or maybe even possible a friend who has used a mobile pizza chef. We're thinking freshly made pizza for the eve...
8th March 2015, 10:45am
by Adam^Helen
Homemade Button Bouquets- no Flowers!!
Some people where a bit shocked when i said we werent having any flowers at our weddding. We are having candles and huge sparkly vases as the centre pieces. They all still expected i would have flower...
11th January 2015, 07:03pm
by Steve and kim
Alternative fine-art wedding photography
I found it recently, maybe you'll be interested in. Something really unusual:
30th June 2014, 10:20am
by Jamie and Emily
Photography for unusual weddings!
Please take a look at my website: and blog: I am looking for unusual weddings to photograph and can offer FANTASTIC rates! :) Congratulations on...
30th April 2014, 04:45pm
by William and Mel
Bride & Groom travelling together
Hi - let me know your thoughts on this. As the bride and groom we are considering travelling up together on the wedding day to the town we're getting married in. I would get my hair done at home, w...
21st October 2013, 06:59pm
by Tony+Wendy
Victorian gothic wedding
Hi all i'm getting married in may this year and we have decided to have a victorian gothic wedding, purple and black.......we have had some great ideas so if anyone is thinking about having the same s...
20th April 2013, 10:47am
by maggie-and-mitchel
vintage / garden party theme
hi - we didnt want a 'normal' wedding - so we are having a hand fast ceremony at cannock chase forest. we are the first couple allowed to have our reception on cannock chase. we are having tipi's - ...
17th April 2013, 07:17pm
by Ali and Tom
Crazy golf and no hotel!
Just thought I'd share what we are doing on our big day in 3 weeks. I didn't want a hotel so I've hired a house with lots of bedrooms so most people can stay. Pros you can do whatever you like, there ...
16th April 2013, 01:17pm
by Sadie and Steve
HEN Party Themes
Hi all brides to be, I was wondering if any of you have good hen party theme ideas, I am having 3 hen parties (1 for my work mates, 1 weekend for family and close friends and 1 joint hen&stag party ov...
10th February 2013, 07:44pm
by bex
Colour Theme Dilemma
Hi, I'm getting married next year, and I'm thinking of two colours to go with. Teal (dark, can be called peacock, petrol, jade) but this is causing a few problems. Or burnt orange. Now the only pro...
6th February 2013, 05:48am
by Martin+Hayley
Married at the zoo!
My fiance and I are getting married at a zoo in Hampshire next August. We are both big kids and couldn't cope with the traditional! It will be full of sweets, bouncy castles, games and silliness! You ...
27th October 2012, 03:24pm
by Heather and Perry
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