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Rachel and Berjees

Joined: 16 Jan 10
GM User
17th January 2010, 2:23am
I was just wondering what kind of questions people are placing on their polls as I think its a great idea but We are currently only using it for music requests. Any ideas?

Pete and Maz

Joined: 10 Jan 10
GM User
17th January 2010, 5:52pm
Hi, We are thinking about putting some 'funnies' on the question page. i.e; asking what dance people would like? (we are getting married in Scotland) So have listed some scottish dances and also the option of un co-ordinated moves! also, asking what whose speech people are most looking forward to hearing. We can only waiy and see!

gary and catherine

Joined: 3 Jan 10
GM User
17th January 2010, 7:47pm
we are asking what kind of buffet food people want at the reception so that every one is happy as well as music and also what dresses the bridesmaids would like to wear i picked some and put them in the photo gallery and asked the bridesmaids to take a look

Ben and Fanni

Joined: 10 Sep 09
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18th January 2010, 8:23am
Hi, we're using the poll to find out how many of our guest require a seat on the coach we are hiring to take them from their accomodation to the wedding venue. Basically finding out numbers to see if we need two runs or one and how many people decide to drive :). Hope that helps

Mark and Abigail

Joined: 8 Jun 09
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Wed Date: 15 May 10
21st January 2010, 8:57am
hi, We are silly people so are asking silly, Who is most likely to have the best WORST dance at the reception,.....or... Who is likely to get drunk first and embarrass themselves! and with those questions we have put up a pie chart with only 4 possible answers, 2 from my side and 2 from Marks side, but thats up to you, we have asked some normal questions to! we made a custom page of the selection of items we can choose from the evening buffet menu, and we have asked our guest to choose which they like and leave there choice under the question headed 'evening buffet' in the 'have your say section', that way you know your guests are going to eat the food put out and your not going to get much waste. We have also done similar things as above like a Music request question, and also one for kids if you are having them....what entertainment would they like or what would they like in their activity packs?!
hope some ideas there to inspire! :-D

Gemma and Aaron

Joined: 19 Jan 10
GM User
Wed Date: 17 Jul 15
24th January 2010, 3:11pm
I've just asked people about music or any specific food requirements that they may have. But I've also asked people to leave any ideas or suggestions that they may have as well because you'd be surprised how helpful other people's ideas can be.

Roman and Vicki

Joined: 8 Oct 09
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25th January 2010, 7:24pm
Our include questions about favorite wedding traditions, or those that are particularly disliked, as well as which wine is preferred; red, white or rose....also whether guests prefer to give cash gifts, chose from a gift list or pick something themselves...The majority have surprisingly gone for cash!!! ;)

Now Mr and Mrs Roman and Vicki!

Joined: 11 Nov 09
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26th January 2010, 2:27pm
We have put a question asking what kind of cake our guests prefer as we are serving it for desert, we can then decide what type to have, or even have 1 layer of sponge and two of fruit for example. Hope this helps.

Ant and Candy

Joined: 27 Aug 09
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26th January 2010, 7:10pm
We're getting married overseas so we've asked when people will be arriving in Cape Town, where they'll be staying, and what they'll be getting up to. Hopefully this will encourage people to share ideas for their big trip. I can also keep track of who is where...!

Lisa and Rob

Joined: 15 Sep 09
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30th January 2010, 4:13pm
We have asked people to put funny stories / memories they have about us - it's been like a trip down memory lane!


Joined: 15 Apr 10
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22nd June 2010, 6:33pm
We have asked everyone to help our bestman with stories about the groom (Andy), its great the stories i'm hearing that I would never have heard, Andy is finding very amusing also, things he hadnt thought of in years!!!

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