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Tens of thousands of happy couples have created a free wedding website with since we launched in 2009. We are the UK’s favourite free wedding website – it's all that we do, we've done it for years and we love it!

Here are just a few of the lovely comments that some of our customers have fed back to us this year about their wedding website!

Jen and Adam

“ is a fantastic way to include your guests in the planning of your wedding day. Having the opportunity to share information about the wedding instantly and regularly has made our family feel that they are an integral part of the day which, for us, is very important. The RSVP is a fast and easy way to respond and we love the map features for accommodation. Highly recommended.”

Emma and Chris

“I love this website for my wedding website. My guests have said it is useful to have all the information in one place and love it too. Thank you very much”

Carl and Philip

“We have loved creating this very useful website to aid us in both our planning and guests for our big day. It has allowed us to minimise both time and effort - as well as stress in organising and telling everyone what exactly is going on. We use it almost daily. That will tell you something!”

Emma and Mohamad

“Using is great as guests can see all the information they need to know without us having to have it all in the invitations and it means we don’t have to answer the same questions many times over.”

Steve and Sheree

“gettingmarried has made my wedding planning easier and so much fun. The RSVP is going to make life much easier and reduces paper responses. I can't recommend enough. It's just the most amazing idea. Means less information required in the invites and everyone can write in an online guest book. The time and money this has saved me is brill.”

Jess and John

“We are amazed at how easy the site is to use. And it really helps us to think about the details of the day in order to tick things off our list! We really like the site because we can put all the important information in one place and it means we don't need to send out a ton of information with the invitations!”

Rafer and Karina

“This website made it easy for us to get information about our wedding to our family and friends in different countries around the world. A central space to unite everyone.”

Gael and Natalia

“Brilliant! Don't know what I would do without it. It’s helping me to be so organised through the planning process.”

Claudia and Jez

Our wedding isn't for another few months yet, but the invites have gone out and we have had so many people say how wonderful the website it and how impressed they are with it. It was so easy to create and looks fab - so thanks a million”

Jules & Tom

“ is a fast simple and easy way to manage everything - it does it all for you, It’s modern and our guests loved it. In an age of technology and busy lifestyles it’s perfect!”

Kerry and Nick

“Setting up a wedding website was a genius idea. brought it to life for us. It made everything so much simpler and it’s a great place to communicate with family and friends attending our day. Thank you so much.”

Mark and Alla

“A great way to update all your friends and family with the latest wedding plans and last minute changes. The support team are great and if you require something a little bit out of the ordinary they can usually help. The whole experience from design through to extracting data for the guest/catering lists is excellent!”

Nicole and James

“The website was a great idea and at our wedding party everyone commented on how nice it looked as well as how informative it was! It meant we didn't get bombarded with the usual questions "what time is the service", "what's the menu" etc and everyone RSVP'd straight away because they didn't have to go and get a formal acceptance card! I recommend a wedding website to anyone planning a wedding!”

Stephen and Elizabeth

“ has been invaluable in the planning of our wedding. We had great feedback from our guests about the website and lots of people chose to RSVP online, and book their accommodation via the site. A really positive experience!!!”

Gareth and Sally

"This has been a fantastic tool to help us plan and share information about our wedding! The page that we have designed is stylish and our friends and family have loved reading about our day and have used the different tools available to let us know if they are coming to the wedding, where they are staying, etc. This is a Bridezilla's dream!"

Annie and Paul

“I'm not technical at all, but made it all soooo easy to set up our wedding website, I just love it! We have friends and family travelling from afar and this website has made it so easy to provide information regarding travel and accommodation which we can update at any time. What I like the most is the online RSVP page which allows guests to also choose their menu selection and all I have to do is download this information and hand it over to the caterer - simple!”

Tom and Lynsey

“This site is amazing. It has lots of templates to choose from, gives you lots of tips of what content to include and I've had loads of compliments on my wedding website. It's so handy for adding in lots of information that I couldn't even imagine fitting onto bits of card!"

Becci and Tom

“A great facility for people to RSVP without any hassle. Also very nice to be able to let our guests know plans about the wedding and the honeymoon without having to tell them all individually. Guests are loving the hotel information as most of our guests are travelling a long way. I can't wait to use the photo upload facility after the wedding!”

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